Libraries it the neighborhood

I love to walk the neighborhoods of Santa Cruz County!  And, I love when I see Little Free Library.   They says so many things: We love our neighborhood We love to read Let’s share what we are reading…what’s new with you We are Community Santa Cruz is truly a Book Place; a Reading Place.  For starters, we have one of the coolest Bookstores ever… Book Shop Santa Cruz!  Secondly, we have cool benches in our parks that encourage us to stop for a bit and read. But mostly, we have these wonderful, thoughtfully used, Little Free Libraries all over […]

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THE Farm at UCSC and Gratitude to Alan Chadwick

UCSC Farm, Biodynamic agriculture

Santa Cruz is surrounded by farms.  This is the food basket for so many all over the world.   The significance of that is brought home with a visit to UCSC  Farm… also known as Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food System, or  CASFS.  I am going to call it THE Farm! THE Farm just celebrated 50 years with a weekend long tribute to the founder.  The heart and soul of this farm is/was Alan Chadwick.   Alice Waters said.  “I wonder if you know how many businesses like mine buy food from people who are taking care of the land who […]

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Tidepool Anemone

There are sea stars, anemones and critters  hiding in those tide pools! Tidal pools at the rocky seashore edges are home to some pretty cool creatures. These guys are survivors. Because of the constant change in tides and crashing waves, these organisms are highly adapted to a chaotic environment. The intertidal zone is the active part of the rocky shore, and it’s also the most turbulent.  This is the zone most visited by we tide poolers.  Twice a day, this zone is underwater, and twice a day, it’s washed by the waves of the lower tide.  At these lower tides,  these pools exposed so […]

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Welcome To One of the Best Gardens in Santa Cruz…. the UCSC Arboretum

arboreteum protea

The UC Santa Cruz Arboretum, a 148 acre living museum, inspiring stewardship of the world’s biodiversity through research, education, and the conservation of rare, endangered, and extraordinary plants of more than 300 plant families of Mediterranean climates. Ok, that is quite a mouthful. It is from the Arboretum official website. So let me, in my own words, say that the Arboretum is a truly wonderful place.   The gardens are ordered by world Mediterranean regions, and pathways let you wander through easily, identifying familiar and not so familiar plants along the way.   Just this past week, along the path of the […]

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Cairns in Santa Cruz

Cairns OMG_Main

A cairn is a human-made pile (or stack) of stones; a mound of rough stones built as a memorial or landmark.  Like this one at the street corner of the site of Villa Branciforte, old Santa Cruz.  Is it random or here on purpose??  Used to mark trails in many parts of the world, cairns might be built for recreational purposes… to mark one’s passage through an area, or one’s place.   They may also be erected for historical or memorial commemoration, or simply for decorative or artistic reasons. Whatever the reason or purpose, I enjoy seeing cairns throughout Santa Cruz; sometime in […]

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Health Care, Yelp and Santa Cruz


You know, when you move to a new place, healthcare is not always in the frontal part of your brain.  Who needs to think about it when you are walking around as healthy as can be. The important things are:  where are the best restaurants, the best Happy Hours, the best hikes, the out-of-this world beach, the neighborhoods I like best,  where to buy the cutest clothes, how close is my farmers market! Though I am of a certain age (approaching!), I figured, when I moved here, that there IS some acceptable healthcare available to me, but I certainly didn’t […]

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OPA! For the Cultural Diversity of Santa Cruz!


It is time for Greek Festival in Santa Cruz, brought to us by Prophet Elias Greek Orthodox Church. You know, the church that is on Church Street.  What a great fun weekend of food, music, dancing; a weekend when we can all get our Greek on with flair!  Live a little bit Zorba!   It is also a time when we can celebrate the ethnic diversity of Santa Cruz. A time to think about all the nationalities of people who came to the US, to California and found their way to Santa Cruz to make their way in life.  […]

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Where Are The Good Restaurants/Food in Santa Cruz?

Santa Cruz Agriculture

  Well, we have been here for 3 years now and are still looking!   Food is a passion, a hobby and a delight.   I can remember most every trip I have ever taken in the world by the food that we have enjoyed, in some of the most unexpected places. In Santa Cruz County, we live in one of the richest food baskets of the world. We are surrounded by fields of luscious vegetables, juicy delectable fruits, farms with amazing animals being raised with utmost care…and yet, the dining-out experiences we have had to date belie all of that!   Where […]

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Ambiance of Santa Cruz — Reflected In Its Neighborhoods

Neighborhood Garden

We walk a lot!  And, we walk all over Santa Cruz exploring its tucked in neighborhoods….you know, the ones you don’t usually drive through because they are not on the way to where you  need to go at that moment.   Great neighborhoods, like — Beach Hill, Seabright, Villa of Branciforte, NOLO, E.Cliff, Westside, Circle Streets, Downtown, Broadway/Windsor Seacliff, Neary, Banana Belt, Delaveaga, and many more tucked here and there.  On every walk, we find some little gem;  some little message that this is a neighborhood of people who love living in Santa Cruz.   Some little pocket park where […]

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Pogonip — 640 acres of Sublime Hiking in the Middle of Santa Cruz

Pogonip_end of mowing jpg

Pogonip, a native American word believed to mean “river fog” , is this magical 640 acre open space in the middle of Santa Cruz!    Literally minutes from the middle of town,  there are  over nine miles of hiking trails with quirky features including a koi pond, stone labyrinth, and the crumbling, mossy stones of lime kilns from the 1800s. There are plenty of trails in Pogonip to keep you happily exploring throughout the year…. each trail is different in every season. We just enjoyed a great morning on the mellow and shady Fern Trail. The best place to hop onto […]

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